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What Is Mid Century Modern Furniture?

Vintage Couches

If you are looking to fit out your home with interesting furniture, there are a lot of ways to do so. One way is to consider a number or range of styles, and then aim to have a few of those styles represented throughout the home. There are many styles that you might choose from, but one which is growing in popularity at the moment is mid century modern. This has many great characteristics to it which make it particularly exciting, which we are going to take a look at now in some detail.


This style of furniture has a range of distinguishing features to it, mostly characterized by a classic, understated look, and a lot of clean lines without much fuss to them. There was also a lot of functionality to the style, which is easy to see in the form. In general, they were very uncluttered and simple, and had a lot of simple sleek lines. There was not much ornamentation to them, either, keeping to that simple code. Often, these pieces combine traditional materials with non-traditional materials, which is one way in which they can be seen as transitional pieces.


You can always tell a lot about a style by the colours that tend to be used, and the way in which those colours are used. When it comes to mid century modern furniture, there was a sudden use of a wide range of different colours, including very neutral ones all the way to bold ones, and graphic black and white too. This is distinct from many other styles, and it is something that appears obvious after looking at only a few of these pieces.


The materials are also an important part of distinguishing a style. Around the time of mid century modern furniture, there was the introduction of new methods of construction, which led to materials like plastic being used for the first time. This plastic was used for its own qualities, rather than as a means to imitate wood, which was a method that was often used in other styles at different times. However, these items also use a lot of traditional materials, such as wood, and non-traditional materials, such as metal, glass, vinyl, plywood, and Plexiglass.


It is often useful to compare these things to the art world, as they are influenced by it and very much form a conversation with it. The ways in which this happens with regard to mid century modern furniture is quite interesting. Although not exactly synonymous with Art Deco, mid century modern furniture does borrow from those kinds of styles, as well as what is increasingly called google style.

If you are looking to introduce some mid century modern items into your home, you would do well to focus on these elements. As long as you do that, you should find that you can decorate in this way easily enough – and it could produce some interesting results in not much time either.


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